Welcome to the Lazy D Farm

Hello folks, and welcome to the Lazy D Farm. We are a family owned and operated farm. We raise pastured meat birds, grass-fed pork, and non-GMO vegetables and fruits. Join us on our adventures as we raise our family and grow our farm.

To give a little history as to how we got here. My wife and I got married in the Spring of 2011. A year later we were blessed with our first son Buckwheat (no that is not his real name but, for the sake of privacy our children will have nicknames). At that time I was still serving in the U.S. Air Force. A couple years later and along came our second son Bubba. Around this time I got out of the Active duty and joined the Air Force Reserves. We then moved back to the Central Valley of California, were my wife’s family was. About a year after moving down here we bought what is now the Lazy D Farm.

It is a beautiful four acre piece of property with a nice house and a couple small barns on it. The property also came with several fruit trees and a small eucalyptus grove in the back corner. About a year after buying our home we were blessed with a daughter Goose. On the property we have several Nigerian Dwarf goats, a few egg laying chickens (our egg laying flock will be growing this spring), Some Cornish Cross chicks (for meat) and, a couple Russian hogs (who will be getting slaughtered this spring).

So, welcome to the Farm I hope you enjoy the journey with us. We do have a YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCTA5Y_3gkxzSG3jSGybTVQ if you want to get farm updates please subscribe to our channel to let us know you enjoy watching. Thanks and goodnight.



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