Farming like a pro

Good Afternoon everyone,

To those who may not have ever played a board game called “The Farming Game” the title of this blog comes from that game. Once you land on the square that says your farming like a pro and you go to the fourth week of February. Right now I feel like the winter flew by and I am almost caught up with everything that needs to get done before Spring comes.

We have ordered our seeds for Spring planting and I just put in an order for our second batch of meat birds. To anyone looking for heirloom or organic seeds I would point you towards It is a family run operation and they have a great selection of seeds. This second batch of chicks that I just ordered from is a breed that I have not raised before. They are called Red Broilers and are close relations to Cornish-cross which I have raised. This new breed is supposed to  be more hardy and eat off the land a little better then their cousins the Cornish-Cross. We shall see how they do here and if I will keep getting Red Broilers or if I will switch back to my Cornish-cross.

If you would like to get up with our Farm updates you can go to our YouTube channel at

We are also doing a GoFundMe right now to kick start our family farm. If you feel inclined to give to that you can go to Thanks


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