Peace and quiet

Good evening folks,

To start things off if you have been trying to get a hold of me via phone to order chickens, I am not ignoring you my phone decided to die on my and right now is being restored. For now the best way to get a hold of me will be through email at

Now to get to the reason why I chose the title of this post. Without my phone on me and being constantly at it’s beckoning call (pun intended). I have for the last few days been able to experience things in the moment and enjoy the things around me. It has been rather nice and almost freeing to not be at anyone’s beckoning call. So, in conclusion I don’t recommend anyone breaking their phones for peace and quiet and don’t just turn it off for days without letting people know what your doing (they might think the worst has happened).  But, I do think we should all enjoy the moment and what is around us.

Before I go I want to let y’all in the Central Valley of California know that we have a few more chickens left to sell. We are selling them for $20 a bird, they are organically-fed pastured chickens, butchered, wrapped, and ready to go. To order send me an email at and put “chicken order” in the subject line. Thanks


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