Time flies when your having fun

Well folks it is getting to that time of year again. Time marches on and April is almost here. This year at the Lazy D we are already planning our kitchen garden and what new plants we want to try. We will be doing the normal regulars like tomatoes, beans, corn, squash, and peppers. But, I thought you would be interested in some of the things we will be trying to get to grow this year. img_1003

So, this year all the local people think we are crazy but I am going to try and grow some artichokes. Now for you on the Coastal areas are thinking no big deal. Here in the Valley we have great soil for them but, we also have a lot of heat. So, my remedy is going to be taking these large metal hoops and place them in a row to create a tunnel. I will be growing tomatoes, squash, and beans on these metal hoops and inside the tunnel is where (hopefully) the artichokes will survive and thrive. I will post pictures during the building process so y’all can have a visual. Another challenge that I will be taking on is to start a “genetic land race” with corn and some varieties of squash. So, to explain that last sentence. A “genetic land race” is where you keep growing the same plant and instead of using new seeds each year you harvest the seeds from the plant that was there and keep doing that until you have a plant with the genetic material that is so adapted to you land that it will grow without any outside inputs. I plan on taking it one step further with the corn were I will help and cultivate it this year but, throughout each season I will give less and less help and water until the plants will be able to survive “wild”. Once again this is an experiment so, no guarantees but, if you stick around you will get to join us in this adventure.

Well, looks like it’s time to hit the sack. I hope y’all get things done and do great things. Take care.


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