My wife and I started on this journey to create healthy, sustainable, and local source of food for our community. Lazy D Farms is a family owned and operated farm were we raise produce, animals, and our children. Right now we produce pastured meat birds, grass-fed hogs, and more coming soon.

The history behind the name comes from my father Eric C.H. Davis. He had always dreamed of having some property and starting a ranch or farm. So, one day he decided to come up with a good name for his “some day ranch”. After much thought he decided to go with Lazy D Ranch. The pun was that the Davis family was anything but lazy and so it stuck. So, when it came time for me to come up with a name for our farm my mind went back to the day my father came up with his name.┬áSince we are not a ranch (there is a difference) I decided to add my own spin to the old name. and that is how we are here with the Lazy D Farms

It is truly a blessing to have this property that we have today and through the generosity of many family and friends we are up and running. So, please join us in this journey that we are on. And if you ever find yourself in need of some great tasting locally grown meat look no further.