Market Place


Welcome to our little corner market

Welcome folks,

Right now we have a couple of things that we are selling at our little corner market. If you enjoy organically fed, pastured chicken meat you are in great luck. Every month we have a batch of our beautiful pasture birds get butchered and wrapped ready for you.


We also have the pleasure of partnering with The Steward Sustainable Farm in order to bring you all beautiful pastured free range chicken eggs. The Steward Sustainable Farm is run by a local young man that has started producing a high quality product that we are pleased to be able to sell to you our customers.


Below are the options we have for you. If you fill out the form below and in the text box indicate which purchase option you want, what drop-off location you want, what quantity, and which subscription length you would like. We will get back to you within 24hrs to confirm your order. (To receive your order for the current month please have orders in by the 5th of the month) Our drop-off for Turlock will be the third Tuesday of the month from 9am-11am.

Purchase options
All-in-One $26.00 USD
Just Chicken $20.00 USD
Eggs only $8.00 USD
Location of drop-off
Turlock, CA
Subscription Length
One Month
Three Months
Six Months
One Year

Also stay tuned for more updates. We will be adding more products as they come available.

Thank You and have a great day!